What You Can Do

The most important thing you can do is to get people talking about the kind of fundamental change our economic and democratic systems need. Talk to friends and colleagues, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and forward the Taproot website to everyone you know. Letters to the Editor are very powerful. They are read, whether they are printed or not, and have an effect on how editors think about issues. Letters to opposition Members of Parliament are also effective. You can also show your support for organizations such as the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Fairvote Canada who work on these issues. We don’t have all the answers for how we can best bring about the changes we need, but the need is dire. We must start a national discussion about these issues and we must insist that our politicians do as well.

If you are a non-profit organization -Please have a look through this website and some of the attached links and think seriously about whether your organization can ever make substantial and lasting progress on the issues which you are currently working on without a change to our political and economic systems. We ask you to consider committing a portion of your organizations time to addressing these larger issues. Even if it is only a tiny portion of your organizational capacity, all of the many organisations in Canada need to call for these fundamental changes for any of us to be able to succeed.